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Thursday, September 9, 2010

What IS she doing?

When the announcements come on over the intercom in my classroom, sometimes I stand in the front of the room and pretend I am signing them for the class. I know, it's immature. Probably even offensive in the wrong crowd. But the kids get a big kick out of it.

Ok, so maybe I only really amuse MYSELF with this fun game.

The only real "official" sign language I actually know is the word "flag". You put your right elbow on top of your left palm and wave your right hand like a flag. I use the sign for flag whenever the secretary reads of the list of kids who have messages in the office. Apparently, it is convincing. It goes flag-flag-pretend to spell students' names with hands-flag-flag.

Today I also used the flag sign and a bunch of other made up stuff to sign that the Freshmen and Sophomore students should be released to the auditorium for an assembly. One student looked at me, then looked around room, then looked at me, then looked behind her seat.... she could NOT figure out what was going on. She really thought I was signing to someone.

And then I taught Chemistry.

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