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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A good mother/teacher screws them up just enough...

Today in Sunday school this quote really struck me, both as a mother and a teacher:

"Do you trust God enough to let him write your children's testimony?"

No matter how much I might want something for them, whether it's good grades or manners or a godly heart, they are ultimately going to have to go after it for themselves.   And one thing is guaranteed, they will never, ever go about getting it soon enough, or fervently enough, or with enough passion to satisfy me.  So, am I just in the way with all my nagging?

I have a nasty habit of trying to write their stories for them.  To insist upon success, taking away their right to failure.  To think that if I just pray hard enough, eventually God will see it my way and spare them from the heartache and pain that life can bring.

But without the inevitable pain that comes from living in our fallen world, how will they develop the need and desire for a relationship with a Savior?  After all, God is not surprised by anything they do, or will ever do.  Can I trust Him enough to get out of the way of His plan for their lives?  Can I trust that He will tell me what to say when the world comes crashing down around them and they turn to me, maybe even thinking to themselves, "Ya know what, one time that crazy lady tried to tell this crap would happen. Now what?"

And THEN, but only then,  God can use me as a vessel to bring them into the fullness and Joy of the gospel.

In other words, unless they (or I) manage to screw up something in their lives along the way, how will they ever know they need to RUN to Jesus?

If we were the perfect parents and teachers, what would our kids have left to say when they become adults and sit around talking about all the ways their parents and teachers got it wrong, causing them to seek the shelter of His unconditional love?

Phew, for a minute there I was really worried about my kids.