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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 17 - April 14th Really BUSTED!

It's Wednesday, and just after 4th hour two senior girls came in and said "We think you have been wearing the same dress everyday for a while now."

I said, "Really, this dress? Naw, I haven't worn it before."

They said "Yes you have! You have been wearing it for 17 days. We noticed it at the blood drive!" (That would have been day 4).

They wanted to know why I had been wearing the same dress everyday. I asked them why THEY thought I would do that. They said they didn't know, but some kids were saying that is was because I had moved and did not have my clothes out yet. (I am moving, but not until right after school is out).

I told them that I was doing it to illustrate the scientific method and to demonstrate a point about conservation since Earth Day is next week. The girls were really sweet about it, and said that lots of kids had noticed and had been talking about it for a while.

We talked about it in my A&P classes during 5th and 8th hours. Most of them said that they had already noticed, but were afraid to say anything! One student said that it had been driving her CRAZY and even on a day she was gone another student had texted her to let her know that yes, I was wearing it AGAIN.

(Added teaching point here: People will talk ABOUT you, long before they will talk TO you and you need to just get comfortable with that. Nothing you say or do will ever stop that. It is human nature. Just remember how it feels before you talk about someone else.)

At lunch I generally eat with the same 4-6 teachers every day. Everyone is on a different schedule so we come and go a lot, spending only a few minutes together at the table. Of the four teachers who were there yesterday (and are there most days) I got 4 different reactions:

1. Did not know it was the same dress, but thought maybe I had recently bought several black skirts or something like that.

2. Had no idea and said she would have probably never noticed.

3. Said "It's only been 4 weeks? I thought you'd been wearing it much longer than that!"

4. Had not noticed the dress, but said she noticed the cowboy boots the other day and thought they were a "bit of a stretch". :) (I agree, I remember when I bought those boots I told my sister that I would look ridiculous wearing them as they were being displayed in the store with a skirt, but my feet hurt the other day from the red shoes I have been wearing most of the time so I stretched.)

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  1. Keep streching yourself! That is what makes you an amazing teacher, friend and lucky for me sister. So happy they are noticing and even happier all these great lessons are coming along the way.