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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 16 - April 13th

This week's topic in A&P is the Reproductive Sytem. What everyone has waited all year for!!!
Since most of those kids are Juniors and Seniors, it has really been an interesting couple of days. Not at all like talking to sophomores about the topic of reproduction. Both are good and interesting conversations in their own right... but different.
Today's thought about teaching high school: You know how you go to a big time concert, and all the guy on stage has to do is yell the name of your hometown (ie: "Hello, Kansas City!!!") and everyone in the crowd goes crazy?? Try walking into a classroom of high school kids and saying "Sex". The response you usually get is "Wha... did she just say... I think she said... Awright!"
Got lots of comments on the boots today but nothing on the dress. I went downtown after school and checked out the spring stuff at Shoes, etc today. Hi Jen and Reene if you are watching. If you're gonna shop, shop local!

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