Year 3

....Fighting ignorance and apathy one class period at a time...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 8 - March 31

Actual evidence that high school boys DO look at what people are wearing. This was overheard in my classroom today:
Boy #1 to Boy #2: Dude! You wear that shirt ALL THE TIME!
Boy #2: Dude! You wear that FACE all the time.


  1. looking good!! I especially like Julia's new shirt:)

  2. ah you looked refreshed again! keep it up. I'm sure they are starting to notice the social aspect is when will they let you notice they notice. Once it starts it will snowball...sorry that's the sociologist in me coming out.

  3. Love what you are doing!! I sure couldn't do it and keep quiet about it. I look forward to reading about how this all turns out.

  4. Reading about the latest adventures of the dress is a little bright spot to look forward to!