Year 3

....Fighting ignorance and apathy one class period at a time...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 7 - March 30

What can I say about this outfit? Even I am beginning to wonder if I can wear this thing for 9 weeks. I actually just threw on the dress, a shirt over the top, a pair of tights and comfy shoes and called it good. Not my best look ever.
The only comment I got today was "You look tired"... from more than one person. And ya know what? I am tired.
And I was in Target tonight and they had the cutest spring scarves on sale for $10, but I had to control my inner impulse shopper. No purchases until after the dress experiment is over.
Materialism is on display as much as anything else here, folks.


  1. thanks for the daily update! I think the shirt over the dress looks okay. Hope you all are feeling better.

  2. As I re-read this post, I am more concerned about the way the shadows make my calves look HUGE then about anything else! Of course, it is ALL due to the shadows, right?!?!?! My vanity is on display her as well.