Year 3

....Fighting ignorance and apathy one class period at a time...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 4 - March 25

Student Council sponsored a Red Cross Blood Drive today. We had a great turn out! I feel so fortunate that we are able to provide this type of experience for students. It's all about trying something new, stepping outside your comfort zone to help others, or maybe just learning how to be a good volunteer - one who goes beyond the "I did as little as possible in order to get out of class" to the land of "I pitched in and cheerfully helped out today wherever I was needed, and then went happily on my way when my shift was over".
Thanks to all the students who participated. Even bigger thanks to the staff and faculty that put up with the extra chaos today.
The dress made the extra miles today too. However, I was glad to see my sweats and slippers when I got home!


  1. no pic!! arghhhhhhhh.... seriously I wait all day for the update. On another note, happy the blood drive was good:)

  2. Here's your pic, Sally. Guess what... we got to church this morning for the singing program that Julia was in and there was no memory card in the camera again. :) B had to run home for it between services.