Year 3

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 2 - March 23rd

Day 2 brought some new insight to the science lesson behind this experiment. There is no picture for this post because I discovered that I had left the memory card in the computer from the previous night instead of putting it back into the camera before we took the next photo. It's true - here's how I used science to figure this out.

Make Observations - no picture available for blog today. memory card not in camera when I went to upload photo, memory card still located in computer slot

Ask questions - I know we took a picture yesterday morning, why is there no picture available?

Form a Hypothesis - If I leave the memory card in the computer slot instead of returning it to the camera, then the pictures we are taking will not get recorded.

Design an Experiment - Take a picture with memory card in camera. Write the result on data sheet. Take a picture with memory card NOT in camera. Write the result on data sheet.
Variables: (Ask yourself these two questions: What changes in the experiment? What can I measure in this experiment?) The memory card and the photos are my variables.
More detail: The memory card is the Independent Variable and the photos are the Dependent Variable. (Remember: IV effects DV, DV does not effect IV)

Analyze Data - The picture taken with the memory card in the camera was recorded, the picture taken without the memory card in the camera was not recorded.

Draw a conclusion - The memory card must be installed in the camera, not left in the computer from the previous night's post in order for the pictures to be available for posting to the blog.

Publish data - here ya go.

Data confirmed by other scientists - In this case, probably not necessary, but in real world science I would need others to repeat my experiment and get the same results before my hypothesis could be combined with other hypothesis related to the subject and become a theory or law.


  1. I can't wait to find out who notices first. Maybe today is the day! Also.. could you recreate the pic from the 23rd and post it (I know that you have tons of time to do things like that!).

  2. I will not perform a fashion show from yesterday! I wore a blue sweater and a green scarf with blue tights and my comfy tan shoes. I dropped something on my toe before school yesterday and nearly scraped the whole project because I was worried about the possiblity of wearing bedroom slippers with the dress all day.
    P.S. We miss you at school!