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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Homecoming 2010

Last week we celebrated CCCHS Fall Homecoming 2010. This is a tradition remembered by many Tiger Alumni from the past. The bonfires, parades and the crowning of the Queen are things we nearly all have fond memories of.

Another memory any Tiger grad from the past 30 or so years will have in common is that of the CCCHS secretary Jane Sherbert. She has served as the eyes and ears of this building for longer than many of us have been alive. Jane is as much a part of the CCCHS experience as the classes, the lockers and the friends. Just ask anyone who ever tried to impersonate their mom on the phone. (Jane has the uncanny ability to detect when it is, in fact, YOU and not your mom calling in about that "dentist appointment")

Jane was the CCCHS Homecoming Queen in 1963. Last Friday night, in commemoration of the 48th anniversary of her own crowning, she joined the candidates on the field to crown the 2010 Homecoming Queen. She was escorted by Senior Chancelor Graham, Student Council Vice-President.

More photos from the week (all courtesy of our friend Phil Frigon) to come! We had a blast!

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