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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Let's Recap

So here's the story so far...

I've worn the same dress to school everyday for the past 2 weeks (since returning from spring break). It has been 9 school days, and tomorrow there is no school due to Good Friday.

So far, no students have commented about the fact that I wear the same thing every day. I cannot tell you if any of them even suspect it yet. A group of high schoolers can be incredibly rude and tactless and shy and withdrawn all in the same classroom, so I have no idea what reactions to expect each day as the experiment goes on.

A few fellow staff members know about the "experiment". I think that a few other staff members that I have not told have just given me funny looks here and there, but maybe that's just my conscience reading things into faces of people, some of whom I had as teachers when I was a highschooler myself. I have worked so hard to learn to know them an adult, but I often still feel pretty insecure around them anyway, so this has added a new dimension to going to lunch, visiting with other teachers at the copy machine, etc...

The big idea here is to reinforce the scientific method (see previous posts). Also at stake are incredible teaching moments about self-confidence, consumerism, peer pressure, materialism, conservation of resources... oh man! The list goes on.

I guess we will wait and see what Week 3 brings! Looking forward to a 3 day weekend and a considerably reduced laundry pile to work on. Side perk ---- or lesson in environmentalism?!?!?

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